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                  Adeena's Kitchen

                  An Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Croydon. We serve a wide range of delicious Asian & Indian food. We offer online ordering and table booking.

                   Adeena's Kitchen, an Indian Restaurant   & Takeaway in Croydon

                  Adeena's Kitchen is a Restaurant and Takeaway in Croydon. We serve popular and authentic Indian Cuisine to customers from all over the world.

                  The chef has 30 years of experience especially in Chicken and Mutton Curry, Biryani Dishes and Seafood - all with special herbs and ingredients of  Indian cuisine. 

                  5-star rating for food hygiene and safety, air-conditioned with a nice family atmosphere. This Indian restaurant & takeaway is a popular and busy eating place, especially at dinnertime. To join us please Book a Table using our Online Reservation Form. 

                  If you would prefer to enjoy our cuisine at home then you can now Order a Takeout Online. Please visit our Menu page to view our great dishes. Here you can select any day and time up to 7 days in advance to pick up your order from our restaurant. 

                  Whichever way you order, we cannot wait to serve you,

                  HMC HALAL 

                  We provide all HMC HALAL food 

                  Food Hygiene Rating

                  Adeena's Kitchen achieves 5-star Food Hygiene Rating

                  Our most ordered dishes

                  Below are our most ordered dishes by our customers. Try one and get know why are these the most popular

                  Chicken jalfrezi spice

                  from £7.99

                  Hyderabadi Chicken dum Biryani

                  from £8.99

                  Lamb dum Biryani

                  from £9.99 

                  Chicken 65

                  from £ 6.99

                  Hyderabadi nihari

                  from £7.99

                  Chicken Lollipop

                  from £4.99

                  paneer tikka masala

                  from £6.50

                  Fish Masala

                  from £8.99


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                  Opening Hours

                  • Monday
                  • Tuesday - Sunday
                    12:00pm - 11:00pm
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