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                  Welcome to Adeena's Kitchen

                  Adeena's Kitchen recently opened its doors in Croydon, serving selected Indian Cuisine from Hyderabad, and other Indian cities. This neighbourhood restaurant of yours aims to provide the genuine hospitality of its own roots to all its guests. The name ‘ADEENA'S KITCHEN’ is derived from the name of the owner’s daughter. Being a young child, she prepares yummy food within her kitchen, and this passion of her reminded her father of his old days how he use to learn cooking from his grandfather to serve the community.

                  Adeena’s Kitchen offers authenticity in each dish present on the menu and Dining at Adeena’s is a wonderfully holistic experience. The restaurant has a wide variety offering mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Exotic yet authentic, Adeena’s Promises all food lovers a journey of specialised Indian taste with exotic picks from Hyderabad and the Mughal era, at significant pricing.

                  We've got shrewd partnerships together with key providers to be sure the product quality of our cuisine aren't endangered and products and services remain topnotch. Directed by powerful management that's between the greatest on the business, Adeena's is calm to rise sharply by launching fresh Outlets very soon across the Kingdom. 

                  Our Founder

                  Amjad Ali Syed - A successful businessman and a Chef

                  Always having a passion to be a businessman, He started his career in 2001 with the retail shop and opened the doors for himself to the endless world. At this day he successfully owns 3 different business in different industries altogether.

                  Our founder, AMJAD ALI SYED, Hails from the city of Nawabs which is well known for its food and hospitality. The restaurant has been made out from his amazing interest for his hospitality and service towards the people for the different dishes from the Asian region, For example, Indian food, but keeping it special to Hyderabadi Dishes.

                  He assumed and cautiously proposed the items of the menu, he can exhibit the incredible and delicious food from this beautiful and vibrant city of pearls, which in culinary provisions will have the specific and bounded spices and herbs from Hyderabad city.


                  Excellent Service

                  excellent service! and the food was finger licking.. truly recommend to everyone.. I will b back soon. The food reminds me of the authentic flavors of India.

                  Subia Jabeen

                  Amazing Taste

                  Amazing taste also the staff is humble treat me like a family member highly recommended

                  Suzan Jackson

                  Quality food

                  Finally, something found as homemade. The food quality is so good. The environment is very pleasant. the services are much better and quick overall it was a very good experience.

                  Elina Lopez